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Firstly, I’ve distilled my 14 years of experience, transitioning from an bi analyst to a staff data engineer, into a comprehensive course. This will be divided into 12 modules:

  • The initial three modules are tailored for the roles of analysts and BI engineers.

  • Modules 4 through 6 transition from the traditional ETL/ELT developer role, guiding learners toward becoming adept data engineers familiar with the modern data stack.

  • Modules 7 to 10 delve deeper into the intricacies of being a seasoned data engineer.

  • Module 11 sheds light on Machine Learning.

  • Module 12 rounds off the course by discussing best practices in Data Engineering.

I will slowly build the content and write different career insights and observations that will help you be on track and avoid burnout from false career expectations. Believe me, it hearts!

Secondly, Surfalytics is committed to cultivating a global community centered on knowledge exchange and support. We are hosting dedicated Discord Server where discuss the job market, interview process, weekly progress and many more. Every week we defined 1-2 projects and work till completion, examples are:

  • Databricks Delta Lake

  • Snowflake, dbt hosted in Docker and GitHub Actions project

  • Meltano, dbt, DuckDb project

  • Microsoft Fabric and Lakerhouse

  • Snowflake and Looker

  • and many more

Thirdly, it’s not just about technical know-how; it’s also about the lifestyle and mindset. We’re geared towards optimizing total compensation, with the aspirational goal to join Club500.

Fourthly, I am in the process of designing bootcamps for specific roles: BI engineer, Data Analyst, and Data Engineer, all rooted in the core program I’ve developed.

Lastly, one of my personal dreams is to host Surfing + Data Bootcamps. Imagine starting the day catching waves and then transitioning into a data-driven afternoon. The journey of learning and earning should be enjoyable in every sense.

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Surfalytics = Surfing + Analytics. Inspired by West Coast surfing spots and Pacific ocean vibes. Created with goal to help you start a new career in data analytics space, develop data engineering and analytics skills.
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